about us

working in the field of import and sale , have given us briliant experiences over the course of more than 20 years.Because of these expriences and your recomendation and suggestions , we encorage to build and produce consumer and specialized goods in our country.its hoped that in the not too distance future,with the help of great lord , we will be able to make more effective steps in the field of producing these products and provide valuabe services to patients and doctors in our beloved country

Company goals

Ofoghteb co is proud to have vast experience in medical products field and also providing general and specialized products to medical associations and patients since 1367 to present. The company has always welcomed the opinions and suggestions of the renowned experts on the need of the community and the technical problems to updating the goods and tried to supply them.ofoghteb has introduced many brand names like TSK, Argon،, Ribbel،, Isomed،, Besmed, Fortune, ،BMC, S.R.R..... to the market which are perfectly known among all of the outlets and they are being used every day all over Iran.